Sleep Apnea Treatment – Broken Bow, OK

Breathe Deeply, Sleep Soundly

A heavy snoring problem is often more than a nuisance for your bedmate; it can be a sign that you have a condition that’s stopping you from getting deep, restful sleep. If you regularly wake up feeling fatigued and lethargic, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Here at the Berkshire Dental Group, we can help you find a solution for this disorder, so you can spend your nights peacefully getting the quality rest you’ll need to be at your best during the day thanks to sleep apnea treatment from our Broken Arrow, OK dentist.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Woman frustrated next to snoring man in need of sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea is a condition that occurs when the airway is partially or fully blocked when sleeping. It can cause your breathing to pause multiple times, forcing your body to wake up for air. It’s not uncommon to hear someone with sleep apnea gasping for breath. Loud snoring, daytime sleepiness, and insomnia are a few of the key symptoms of sleep apnea. When this condition isn’t treated, it can lead to heart problems and increase the risk of accidents.

How We Treat Sleep Apnea

Man placing sleep apnea treatment appliance

We can give you insight into whether or not your snoring is linked to sleep apnea, and we can also help you explore options for treating it. The goal is to keep the airway open so that you can maintain regular airflow while you sleep. We can give you an oral appliance that will shift the jaw forward slightly and keep the tongue in place; this goes a long way towards preventing the obstructions that can cause sleep apnea. If we find that your condition may be linked to your lifestyle, we can give you suggestions on changes you can make.