Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oral Irrigators: Floss With Water, Increase Mouth Health

Flossing is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself and your smile every day. Each day you skip flossing you are missing out on some pretty important benefits. So why do patients pass up the opportunity to clean their teeth prolong their mouth health? Maybe its because the floss cuts off the circulation to their finger tips? Flossing makes their gums bleed? They don’t putting their hands in their mouth? They don’t think they need the extra cleaning?

If you are avoiding your flossing schedule for any of these reasons we have a solution for you: water flossers! Also known as oral irrigators and even more commonly water picks, these tools help extract plague buildup and left behind food particles between your teeth and at the surface of your gums for an all around cleaner, and healthier smile.water-pik-heart

These easy to use handheld tools operate by cleaning your mouth with pulsating streams of water that are controlled by a pointed plastic tip that work to remove bacteria and bio-film. Water picks clean the teeth just as well as traditional flossing does. The action of the water passing between the gums and teeth often help clear up gingivitis and are the best way to clean braces, moral implants, fillings and permanent retainers. Here is a helpful video on using a water pick at home:

There are many options of water picks for at home use which include both traditional counter-top models and more modern, cordless models. Water pressure is often more substantial in the counter-top version than the wireless models. Water needs to be replaced more often in the cordless models as well because they are not attached to a large water reservoir like the counter-top models, although they take up much less space.

Remember that water flossers are most efficient when use properly and safely:

  • Hold the tip 90 degrees to your mouth and surgace of your teeth.
  • Water picks that come with different tips have different purposes. Use each on as directed.
  • Water picks should be chosen based on size and need. Children will often need one that is smaller to fit their mouths. Check reviews online or call our office for a recommendation.


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