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Learn More About the Benefits of Delta Dental of Kansas

Whether you purchased your dental insurance on your own or have an employer-based plan, you can view your policy as a valuable asset. Not only can it give you access to low-cost preventive care, but it can also reduce the financial burden of major procedures. But how can you get the most out of your plan? Our Broken Arrow dental team is here to help. As an in-network Delta Dental of Kansas dentist, we are in the perfect position to help you maximize your benefits.

Delta Dental of Kansas Coverage Availability & Fees

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Delta Dental of Kansas offers a number of different plans. Here is an overview of the coverage you might enjoy:

  • Preventive care: 100% covered. This usually encompasses cleanings, exams, and routine X-rays.
  • Basic services: 80% covered. Basic services typically include fillings and non-surgical extractions.
  • Major services: 50 – 70% covered. Root canal therapy, crowns, and gum disease treatment usually fall into this category. (Please note that some basic dental insurance plans do not provide any coverage at all for major services.)

Your dental plan may have additional stipulations that you need to pay attention to. For example, you may have a deductible, a waiting period before you can take advantage of certain services, and an annual maximum. Your annual maximum, which is the highest amount that Delta Dental will pay for approved services in a calendar year, may be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500.

Because we are in-network with Delta Dental of Kansas, we are able to help you get the most out of your policy. We have a contract with Delta that controls prices, and we can strategize to help you get more value from your annual maximum. For example, in some cases we can schedule major treatments across calendar years so you can use two annual maximums instead of just one.

Delta Dental of Kansas Employers in Broken Arrow

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If you work for Spirit AeroSystems, the world’s largest manufacturer of aerostructures for commercial airplanes, you may be eligible for a Delta Dental of Kansas insurance policy through your employer. To find out more about your coverage options, speak to the HR member of your team. If you already have a policy, give us a call so we can verify your coverage. We will be happy to help you understand how it works!