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Learn More About the Benefits of Humana

Do you have a Humana dental insurance plan? Your policy can prove to be a valuable asset that allows you to enjoy low-cost preventive care. It may also cover a substantial portion of the cost of restorative services. How can you get the most out of your Humana policy? Rely on our team for assistance. As an in-network Humana dentist in Broken Arrow, OK, we are in the ideal position to help you take full advantage of your benefits.

Humana Coverage Availability & Fees

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Humana offers a number of different dental insurance plans. Many people opt for a PPO policy, which allows you to use your coverage at any dentist’s or specialist’s office. Here is an overview of typical PPO coverage:

  • Preventive and diagnostic services (cleanings, X-rays, exams, etc.): 100% covered
  • Minor restorative services (fillings, simple extractions, etc.): Up to 80% covered
  • Major services (crowns, dentures, etc.): Up to 50% covered

You plan may also have a waiting period before you can receive coverage for certain services, as well as a deductible and an annual maximum. An annual maximum is the highest dollar amount that Humana is willing to pay for approved services within a 12-month period. Because we are in-network with Humana, we have a contract that controls prices, which can help you get the greatest value out of your annual maximum.

Additionally, we may be able to schedule treatments across calendar years so you can use multiple annual maximums for the same treatment plan.

A note for individuals who are eligible for Medicare: If you are over 65 years of age or have certain disabilities, you may qualify for Medicare. While standard Medicare plans do not cover most dental services, some Medicare Advantage plans through Humana do offer partial coverage for routine oral care. Of course, the specific benefits can vary greatly from plan to plan, so you should talk with Humana to learn more about your options for dental coverage.

If you already have a Medicare Advantage plan through Humana, the team at Berkshire Dental Group of Broken Arrow can help you understand how your benefits apply in any given situation.

Meet Jessica and Shannon

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Our whole team would love to see you get the greatest value out of your Humana dental insurance plan, but Jessica and Shannon are the ones who take the lead in that area. Jessica has more than a decade of experience in dentistry, and as our Practice Manager of Operations, she is well-equipped to help patients navigate the ins and outs of their benefits. Shannon, one of our business assistants, is also an expert when it comes to dental insurance.

If you would like to learn how Jessica and Shannon may be able to assist you with the financial aspect of your care, get in touch with our office today!